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Intel 82574L Gigabit crash on Server 2008 R2 during heavy traffic

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I am having some issues with my Intel 82574L GBE card crashing on Server 2008 R2. This only appears to occur during periods of heavy traffic; for example, when I transfer large files to and from a network drive. The NIC will always crash after 5-10 seconds of transfer and show an error code 43 in the device manager. When I disable / enable the card, it then shows error code 10, and this can not be resolved until I reboot my device.

The computer is a desktop board chipset (QM57) and has the latest BIOS. I downloaded the latest NIC drivers from Intel, specifically for Server 2008 R2. I do not have this issue on any other OS, including Server 2008 Standard (x86) or Windows 7 x86.


The driver version I am currently using is: v12.4.38.0.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I can troubleshoot or resolve this?

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