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Intel ANS Team Adapter Removal Failure


I have a customer running adapter teaming using the ANS feature of the Intel ProSet drivers on their two servers. The motherboards on both servers are SE7520BD2 (with 1 Intel Pro/1000 MT Server and 1 Marvell Yukon 88E8050 Gigabit onboard adapters). We recently found that the teaming interface (through device manager) on both servers is missing, although the team is still in place, and are starting to experience network performance issues. I researched the issue to find that a Windows update may have been the culprit and corrupted the software, causing the interface to disappear. Since we could not just update the drivers, we uninstalled the Intel drivers and indicated that it was okay to remove existing teams and vlan configurations. After the driver was uninstalled, the Intel Pro/1000 adapter was removed from the system, but the Team Adapter was still listed in device manager and still connected to the Marvell adapter through the ANS driver. Reinstalling the ProSet, adapter driver, and teaming completes successfully but the teaming interface tab is still missing from the adapters through device manager. Uninstalling the Intel drivers, again, doesn't remove the existing team adapter. At this point, we are unable to uninstall the team adapter as we receive a windows error indicating that this device is required for the system to boot. The Intel Pro/1000 adapter, even configured without the Intel ANS services will not bind to an IPv4 address (static nor dhcp). I was able to find some basic instruction on manual removal of the teams ( Network Connectivity — Unable to uninstall Intel� Network Connections, Intel� PROSet, or teams) but the first steps indicate that the team adapter needs to be removed, which we are unable to do. What are the steps to manually remove the existing team adapter and remove any leftover configurations from the servers so that the two adapters can be returned to normal use and we can reinstall the new ProSet and ANS features? Thank you for any help!!

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