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Intel Active System Console Email Alerting Issues


Hey everyone, I have quite a few servers that I would like to setup Email Alerting on. They are all on the newest version of ASC (5.0).

I know, currently, there isn't a way to test email alerting, as far as I know. (Which should be a new feature in the next release!!! )

Anyways, I just so happen to have found a server with a bad stick of memory, and is throwing a Critical Error on the Console. I figured now would be a perfect time to test and make sure my Email Settings are correct.

I have configured the "Email Alert Settings", set to All Events, with the Mail Server Address, User ID, Password, and Recipient Email fields.

I have also went to Advanced Email settings, under "All Events", and configured all the fields, and Selected All alerting options, and Applied my settings.

I know I cant send a "Test" email to see if it will work, but being that the Red warning light is on, on the front of the server, and the Memory on the Dashboard has a big red X on it (and the bottom is scrolling "Critical Memry ECC Error") I figured I should be receiving alerts.

However, I have not received any alerts. Nothing in my Inbox, nothing in my Spam Filter.

So, I guess my question, is: How often will the Active System Console sent out email alerts? Daily? Hourly? Weekly? Does it send them out at a certain time?

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Figured out why it wasn't working... Apparently, "you must have a mail server in your network environment" for this to work...

I cannot believe this will not just send out an email...