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Intel® Active System Console Installation problem on S5000VSA


we have a problem on installing Intel® Active System Console on a S5000vsa (platform product id SC5299brp)

The S5000VSA is discontinued.

We got the latest supported version ASC 4.4. the installation goes to about 80% and then stays stuck (left for over 1 day)

the on site tech said that if cancel is pressed the installation does not terminate until a proccess escript.exe(Intel\ASC\erlang\bin\)

is closed manually.

The OS is Windows server 2003 R2 (with all recent updates)

currently im waiting for a System Information Retrieval to get some more info from the system.

Also gonna try if the original cd's are on site to test the server provided version if installs without problem

(i saw that the cd version does some pre-installation checks)

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