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Intel Atom C2000 Rangeley UART-SMBUS Multiplexing

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In Atom Processor C2000 family,we are using C2338 part.

In the C2000 spec update by intel,it is mentioned in the errata no AVR3,"Disabling One UART Disables Both UARTs"

No fix is there for this errata.

Out of the two multiplexed UARTs,Our requirement is to use one UART & other for SMBUS2 interface.

UART0 is multiplexed with SMBUS & has control register to enable or disable.

Also the CFIO_REGS_PAD_SMB_DATA2_PCONF0 is used to select the UART0 or SMBUS functionality.

Selecting the UART0 Control register to its default value(ie. 1b = enable)& changing the IO select register to select the SMBUS

cause any conflicts? As we need the SMBUS2 for reading the processor die temperature.

The UART1 which is multiplexed with GPIO, we plan to use as UART interface only for connecting a LCD display.

So kindly let us know, is this errata applicable to all other SKUs of C2000?

Advice us the implementation of our requirement related to this errata AVR3.

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This forum is mainly for Intel branded server products. If you don't get much information from here, you may also try the /community/tech/processors Processors community or the Embedded Community.

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Thanks Edwardzh...I have reposted it on Embedded community...