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Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology II - Rebuild RAID 1 Array


I have a server with Intel motherboard and Intel Embedded Server RAID Technology II. The server has (2) 1 TB drives in a RAID 1 cfg. One of the drives failed. I purchased a new 1 TB drive. New drive is Western Digital. Existing drive is Seagate. After booting to Windows Server 2008 R2 the Intel Raid Web Console shows that the array is rebuilding But progress showed estimate of 52 hours to complete. So, I changed the rebuild rate from 50% to 100% and the progress window estimated 36 hours to complete.

This morning, after approx. 20 hours, it shows 50% complete and estimated 1 hour remaining. Seems like it has hung.

Do I continue to wait? Does 36 hours to rebuild 1 TB array sound right? Would it be faster if I entered Ctrl + E during POST to start rebuild before Windows loads? If I restart computer does rebuild start from beginning or from where it left off? Does the Intel/LSI RAID driver check the new drive capacity before it starts to rebuild so that I know the new drive from different mfg. should work, or could this be a problem, i.e. drives from different manufacturers a problem even though the rebuild started?

Thanks very much for any insights!

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I think you should continue to wait, until the rebuild completes. No it won't be faster if you press Ctrl + E. If the system restarts the rebuild continues from where it left off. Yes it will check the new drive capacity before it starts to rebuild. Although using a disk from different manufacture/model is not really recommend, in most cases it will work if the capacity meets requirement.

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