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Intel ICH7HD raid controller. Suspected problem. Diagnostics?


I'm running a 975X Platinum (MS-7246) board, under XP, and using the Intel ICH7HD raid controller to run RAID0 on a pair of Seagate 500Gb Barracuda SATA drives. Recently, the Intel Matrix Storage Console has been reporting a failed volume and saying one or other of the drives is missing (it can be either). I've run Seatools on the drives and they come up fine, so I'm beginning to suspect the RAID controller. The problem occurs fairly often when first turn on the PC. Rebooting usually finds the missing drive and the RAID volume seems to rebuild OK. It then generally works fine till the next re-start.

Can anyone tell me how to go about pinning down the cause or testing the controller? The board also has a JMicron RAID controller, what's to choose between Intel and JMicron controllers? What would be involved in swapping to the JMicron controller or is that a stupid solution? Any advice gratefully received as I have no hair to tear out

PS: Apologies if this isn't posted in the right place. Oddly, Googling Intel technical/support forums brought up almost nothing.

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