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Intel P4304SC2SHDR One of Two 460W Hot Swap PSU fans running at high speed

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Just built a server using a P4304SC2SHDR server system. This system features 2 x 460W Hot Swap power supplies.


One of the power supplies is running its rear fan at very high speed from power up while the other PSU is nearly silent. I have tried with 2 x PSU and then one each in turn in both bays. When the quiet PSU is powered up the PSU LED. stays solid green. When the noisy PSU is powered up the PSU LED stays flashing green at about 2Hz which according to the manual is "Power Supply FW Updating" but it just stays running noisy for hours.


  • SEL shows no errors.
  • Latest BIOS/BMC/FRUSDR (as of 6-DEC-12) is installed.
  • FRUSDR has been run many times and detects 1 or 2 PSUs as fitted.


Quiet PSU on its own Runs Quiet

Noisy PSU on its own Runs Noisy

Both PSUs Noisy PSU runs noisy blowing a lot of air while quiet PSU runs quiet.

Both PSUs Swapped in PSU sockets gets same result.


I know there is an FRUSDR bug on this board but I have run the remedy and actual FRUSDR many times.


  • Just a few other things to note BIOS settings are set for acoustic and less than 300m
  • The FRUSDR update gives an error but appears to install OK so this may be a red herring as far as the PSU noise / LED is concerned.
  • The Intel Deployment CD will not run either the shipping version v5.0 Build 5 or the latest downloaded version V5.0 Build 19

Apologies for bad pictures.


Is the noisy PSU fixable, can it be changed from it's FW updating state or do I need to RMA it?


I'm guessing the FRUSDR error and Intel Deployment Error are note related but I'll mention them anyway.







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OK this as RMA'ed by tech support. Must not be fixable on site.

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OK this as RMA'ed by tech support. Must not be fixable on site.

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