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Intel PRO/1000 GT NIC "Limited or no connectivity"


I'm not sure if this is in the right place but oh well,

today i recieved my Intel PRO/1000 GT network interface card (NIC) to take over from my onboard ethernet so i can get some smoother online gameplay, but after installing the latest drivers and removing the old onboard ethernet drivers the card has good old "limited or no connectivity" here's what i've tried so far:


older Drivers

removing onboard ethernet from device manager

Disabling onboard ethernet via BIOS

repairing connection in windows


any help is appriciated,


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Assuming you have an Ethernet link, you might have a problem being recognized by your network equipment such as the router or cable/DSL modem. In most home networks, your IP address comes from one of these boxes. You might not be getting an IP address. Some of those devices might need to be reset to work with your new adapter. Depending on the equipment, just powering the box off and on might do it. I once had a cable modem that required holding some buttons to be reset by holding down some buttons when I powered it on.

You can try this troubleshooting guide. There are also several links to Microsoft troubleshooting guides at the bottom of the Desktop boards: Troubleshooting network issues page.

Once you fix the connection, I would be curious to know how you fixed the issue and how you figured it out. Please post back again.

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i feel really silly now, such a headache of a problem solved by such a simple action, anyway thanks!

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