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Intel RAID fails with two drives marked "Error Occurred". Help??


I have a system with an Intel DX48BT board in it. It's got 5 500gb drives in it in a RAID 5 configuration and has been working flawlessly for nearly a year. This morning, on some sort of crash I rebooted the server. It came up with TWO failed drives that say "Error Occurred" and the RAID is shown as FAILED. The question on the screen is "Failed RAID volume detected. Recover Volume?" and I'm scared to say YES in case it just makes a new array out of those drives. My client hasn't done a good job of being up to date on their backups, and they are missing at least 4-6 days of vital data.

I've looked all over Google and Intel's site, and I can't find an answer anywhere that tells me what is going to happen if I press Y for Yes. SO, it's sitting and I'm watching it do nothing.

If I could boot it, it has MS Windows Server 2008 on it .. not that it matters since it won't boot

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