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Intel RCS on german server


Hello everyone

I would appreciate some help with my Intel SCS installation on a german operation system.

Unfortunately our policy demands, that all server are installed with a german operating system.

Installing RCS on it I could not choose to run as Network Service account, because the account is called Netzwerkdienst on the german system and the installer won't accept anything but the english name. So I had to use an AD-Account.

Now I noticed that the Entries in the Operation Logs cannot be sorted by Date and Time. Doing so i get the entries in a seemingly arbitrary order, neither sorted by day, month, nor time. It's very hard to find the most current entries and the ones relating to each other. The problem exists independent of the selected date and time format.

I am using Intel SCS Console Version on Windows Server 2008 R2. Is there a way to fix the sorting? Will there ever be an update fixing these issues?

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