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Intel S1200BTL and 6TB hard drives compatibility.


I have an Intel S1200BTL motherboard in a server and want to know if the board will support 6TB Sata Drives. Thanks.

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Hello AHans8, Thank you for joining the community. I see that you are having an issue with S1200BTL server board. I would like to comment that this product has reached the End of Interactive Support status with Intel; therefore, support is limited to information posted on the website. The following URLs might provide useful information: In regards to your question in the 1st URL from the Intel Server Configurator tool there are at least 3 6TB options available for this board so it should be possible that the board will be able to detect and see the 6TB HDDs in AHCI mode. If used in RAID with any of the embedded RAID solutions not that sure because of the size of the volume Hope this helps Jose A. Intel Customer Support Technician Under Contract to Intel Corporation
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