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Intel S1200BTLR Will Not POST



UPDATE: I used the online chat feature to talk to Intel and I was told the RAM is not compatible, that it must be unbuffered, not registered. The memory I purchased is registered. Unfortunately, Intel's server configurer is not correct and at the time of this writing, shows that registered RAM is acceptable for this motherboard, which is not true. In fact, the non-kit version of the ram I bought (I bought a 4 DIMM 32GB kit) is on the list as acceptable. So, to reiterate, Intel says only the unbuffered DIMMs will work, even though the server configuration tool says otherwise. I've ordered unbuffered RAM and I'll update this post when I received and installed the new unbuffered RAM. "Gustavo" says that he'll report the error in the configuration tool.

UPDATE 2: Intel appears to have updated their server "configurator" as it no longer suggests registered memory as it used to. I purchased 4 of KVR16E11/8I, which are the Intel validated version of the KVR16E11/8 ram that is on Kingston's list, but is not on Intel's new list, though it was on their old list, which is why I purchased these DIMMs. Kingston said it would work fine and it the system now gets past POST, so I hope it will be clear sailing from here.

I'm trying to build a new system using the S1200BBTLR board, but I cannot get it to post. I must be reading the LEDs incorrectly, because I do not find the code in the user guide. Here is the setup:

Intel S1200BTLR

Intel Xeon E3-1220 V2


Kingston KVR16R11D4K4/32I

When I plug in the power supply and turn it on, but don't press the power button on the chassis, the blue ID LED and the green warning (the one with the exclamation mark in the triangle) flash. After a few moments, they go off. At this point the only LED that is on is the green "HH" near the 24 pin power connector. I have not connected the P/S Aux connector, since this power supply doesn't support it, but the other two are connected.

With only the power, keyboard, CPU, and memory installed. No other devices installed, I get 3 long beeps and then the the following diagnostic LEDs look at the back of the chassis reading left to right, with 1 being on, not including the warning LED, which is on: 1110 1101. My binary is quite rusty, but that looks like ED to me, which is not in the user guide.

Thinking it must be the memory, even though it is intel approved, I removed it and the only thing that changed was I now get these LEDs, in addition to the warning LED: 1110 1000. Isn't this E8? It isn't in the user guide either.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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Seems you're using registered DIMM, which is not supported on S1200BTLR. The board needs unbuffered ECC DIMM.

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Seems you're using registered DIMM, which is not supported on S1200BTLR. The board needs unbuffered ECC DIMM.

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