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Intel S1200V3RPS ACPI Fail after Firmware Update


So, after firmware update, from 01.04.0002 to 02.01.0002, Windows 2003 doesn't boot with the stop 0x00000A5

Update is gone ok. Had i do something wrong with FRU/SDR?

Many Thanks,

Antonio D'Affuso

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The FRUSDR update only provides a table of proper thresholds for the system and it does not change the way the board operates. This firmware 02.01.0002 is a midlevel version before you upgrade to the most recent version 02.02.0005, you probably want to update to this version to compare results.

I also noticed that Windows Server 2003 is not listed in our Operating System Compatibility list

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Many thanks for your answer...

I have selected this mainboard because i need to substitute an old mainboard with RAID and with Windows 2003 Server.

So, i only looked at list drivers when i had to do the choice (...and, indeed, Windows Server 2003 is there...).

After the ACPI problems, with same troubles, i downgraded bios to version 01.04.0002 and now Windows 2003 is booting. I have another symptom of the incompatibility during lan driver install... lan hardware is Intel i210, but no way, in the list driver it isn't found. We have forced to utilize the Intel F340-i4 (...but, once again, the lan driver for Windows 2003 is there...).

You have confirmed this issue. I'll try to convince my customer to upgrade the Windows Server version.

Once again, Many Thanks.

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