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Intel S1400FP4 and Xeon E5-1428L v2 compatibility



I have been attempting to use an Intel E5-1428L v2 processor with my Intel S1400FP4 motherboard but I have not had any luck so far.  I suspect this is because I have not updated the BIOS to support the V2 processors.  After checking most of the documentation however,  I cant find anything saying that the E5-1428L v2 will actually work with the S1400FP4.  The E5-1428L (v1) product page suggests that it is compatible with the S1400FP4, but the S1400FP4 page has no mention of this.  The E5-1428L v2 product page does not mention the S1400FP4 as being compatible, and neither does the S1400FP4 product page mention the E5-1428L v2.  Does anyone know if these are actually compatible?  And for that matter, what about the Pentium 1400 v2 series as well?

I plan on acquiring a cheap E5-2403 to upgrade my BIOS and test my boards to make sure they are working properly but would like to hear if anyone knows if some of the above chips work in this board.



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Thank you for contacting us about your product.

The interactive technical support for the Intel® Server Board S1400FP4 you have requested has been discontinued.

We can provide you with resources and self-service support information through our website.

We highly suggest that you get information from the product support site and all available technical information is included on the support site.

Additionally, you can check the compatible products from in the following link:

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Emeth O.

Intel Server Specialist.

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