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Intel S2600CPJ2 Sensor Reading


Hi All - I have moved the Intel S2600CPJ2 motherboard from Chenbro 1u Server Rack to Phenteck Enthoo Pro case.

When i login to the Integrated BMC Web console - i see the following information in the sensor reading. All are green except these below.

Can anyone tell me how to fix these and what these means exactly..

Name Status Health Reading

BB +1.35 P1LV AB All Deasserted unknown Not available

BB +1.35 P1LV CD All Deasserted unknown Not available

BB +1.35 P2LV AB All Deasserted unknown Not available

BB +1.35 P2LV CD All Deasserted unknown Not available

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Hello sriley2727,



Thank you for contacting Intel Customer Support.



Going roughly over the information provided I can tell you a few things:



1. These are Base Board voltage sensors that monitor the memories. A full description of them goes as follows:


Baseboard +1.35V P1 Low


Voltage Memory AB




(BB +1.35 P1LV AB)



Baseboard +1.35V P2 Low


Voltage Memory AB




(BB +1.35 P2LV AB)



2. They trigger when the voltage goes down to 1h which is not always a sign of failure as the memories are made to change the voltage consumption according to their need at any certain moment.



3. The fact that all the values show as "All deasserted" means that at least at the very moment the situation does not represent an overall failure or a critical performance issue.



4. The health value is unknown since as the moment of the reading there is no actual reading, which is what bothers me a little but there and this is why the values are not shown in red



In short, this could be something temporary related to low voltage on the specified memories, the memories not being properly seated in their sockets or in the least likely but still possible physical damage to the sensor, memories or sockets.



So, here is the plan:


1. Confirm what is the memory population for the system, especially channels A, B, C, and D.


2. Please check the memories are properly seated, if possible turn off, power drain and remove the memories and reseat them.


3. Check back the console for any changes.


4. Pull the sysinfo log from the board, resources, and instructions to do so can be found in System Information Retrieval Utility (SysInfo) for Intel® Server Boards and Systems based on Intel® 62X Chipset and sent over for me to review in depth.



Chances are this is a temporary state, but it wouldn't hurt to rule out any real failure there, so please go over the instruction provided and share your results so I can go through them in depth.



Should you have any question or concern please let me know, I'll remain tuned for your comments.




Thank you for replying...

It appeared that in order to that volts or reading/sensor to trigger. You will need is PC3L memory.

I had a mixed bag of PC3L and PC3 DDR3 memory, which was causing the sensor to not trigger.

After making sure that all PC3L memory is installed - sensor trigger to all Green.

There was no issue, until I upgraded to ESXI 6.7, where every time i login to the host, the error message came up with hardware voltage.

Thank You for your help...


Awesome to hear,



I'll be setting this thread as closed for now, if you happen to need anything else please let me know.



Best Regards