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Intel S3420GPLC Server board RAM issue


So I got this S3420GPLC Intel Server Board with a Xeon X3430 to make a server, alright great.

The problem is that the ECC 24GB 6x4gb RAM doesn't work with it at all, and keeps beeping during boot and will not do anything else. I bought 3 times now 24gb ecc, 2 times from Samsung (the model is tested on Intel's list), and 1 time from Micron, which is also tested on Intel's list. I tried every single combination I can and it doesn't work, even with the bios update.

I tried normal Crucial 2x2gb ddr3-1066 non ecc ram I had lying around, and it works perfectly, but I want to use the 24gb ecc ram I got it. What could be the issue here?

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Thank you for contacting Intel Customer Support.



We regret to inform that the Intel Server Board S3420GPLC is currently in End of Interactive Support (EOIS). This means that Intel no longer provides interactive support for this service via telephone, e-mail, chat, or other tools. Technical articles will continue to be available on the Intel Support website.



In the Technical Product Specification in page 18 you will find the Memory Sizing and Configuration area.



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