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Intel S3420GPLC - does not boot, no beeps or diagnostic LED mesage

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I am building custom workstation with these parts:

  • Intel Server Board S3420GPLC
  • Intel Xeon X3470 CPU
  • Kingston KVR1066D3Q8R7SK2/16GI (2 of them, total 4 sticks, 32GB RAM)

All these parts are listed as compatible.

Chassis is "other" - Chieftec SH-01B with Corsair VX450 450W power supply (this is an upgrade - system functioned fine with Intel desktop board, and now i am replacing only MB+CPU+RAM).

The problem is, that system does not boot when I press power button. No beeps, no messages in diagnostic LED array, fans does not start to spin. Motherboard gets power, because green indicator near diagnostic LEDs lights when AC cord is plugged in.

I have double-checked front panel connections - everything is connected correctly.

How could i further troubleshoot the issue?

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If you pull all the memory and power on, do you get three beeps? If you do, the motherboard is okay, but you may not be getting enough power on the memory and processor rail. How many amps does that power supply support on the +12V rail?

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There were no beeps without memory, or without memory and CPU. However, if I reseted CMOS, next boot was successful (but only until clean shutdown from OS or power loss). Changed chassis to SC5650UP - system boots without problems. Was there something "special" in power supply, or in case itself? HiPro PSU specs in SC5650UP are not impressive - for example, +5Vsb 2.5A instead of recommended "at least 3A".

Corsair VX450 specs are: +3.3V 20A, +5V 20A, +12V 33A, -12V 0.8A, +5Vsb 2.5A, ATX12V v2.2

In my case problem was solved by getting certified chassis, but it would be interesting to know, what caused it.