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Intel S5520HC Keyboard/Mouse/DVD RW installation issue

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Hi Expert ..

by seeing this question you will be aware that i am a desktop user not server. i have bought today S5520HC motherboard with E5620 processor, my assumption was there will be PS/2 port(for keyboard) as well as IDE(DVD,PATA drive). i was surprised not seeing them in the front panel.

So please advice me, as i already tried with USB - PS/2 converter which is not working

Thanks for reading this

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Refer to the TPS for the board, there is no legacy I/O ports like PS/2

Page: 63/190

Once you have got a USB keyboard, the very thing to do is to update the bios firmware to the latest version.

If you are using an Intel chassis, then make sure to choose the correct model when updating the SDR firmware.

Refer to these links: 101291

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