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Intel SR4850HW not posting?


I inherited 2 SR4850HW systems recently. When attempting to boot, the on-board POST progress LEDS (0-7 bit, 0 being least significant, 7 = most) always stop at 0x5C, which the motherboard technical spec indicates is "Resetting SMBUS". Both chassis have an IMM-advance module installed. VRMs for processors 3 and 4 installed as well. The other curiousity is that I usually receive 3 long beeps, indicating a memory issue. I have stripped things down to the bare minimum (2 sticks of approved memory).

I have set the jumpers to reset the NVRAM, and have also set the jumper to boot "BIOS recovery mode" to no avail.

A couple questions (help with either of them would be much appreciated, and may be general intel server knowledge that I haven't located yet)

1. Any clue why both chassis stop at "resetting SMBUS", or could the audible memory error be to blame

2. Could any previous configuration be causing the memory error (perhaps memory RAID was configured before, or mirroring )

The big one:

3. Not getting anything on an locally attached monitor. Having not known the previous configuration, is there any docs that explain how to get access to the IMM through the dedicated network jack with some default settings? (and how to reset those settings TO the default)

4. I see mention of the serial port providing some lights-out stuff as well, any recommendation for squeezing info out of it, or does it likely have to be configured to work via BIOS?

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