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Intel SRCSASLS4I will not hold configuration

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New SRCSASLS4I, 8qty Seagate 2TB SATA HDD, RAID10.

New Intel AXXRSBBU6 Battery Option. Battery is fully Charged.

Set and save configuration.

Server on test bench, shutdown to work on server, 5min later, start it up, config is lost.

Shutdown server to transport it to CoLo facility, 10min drive, 20min total without power.

I keep getting your config was lost... press C to continue, press Y to reconfig.

I can choose my config, import it, save, reboot and all is fine.

Shutdown for any length of time, have to go through the Import Config routine.

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I don't see any known issues with losing the configuration. Do you have the RAID Log from the controller? What does it show happening, in the time frame just prior to losing the configuration?