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Intel SS4000-E linear array: one disk dead, can't access the others

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a have a SS4000-E set up with two 320 GB drives and two 500 GB drives in linear mode. One of the 500 GB drives died. Regarding to the manual, it should be no problem accessing the data on the three remaining healthy drives, but I'm struggling with that. When I turn the system on, it detects the remaining drives as new and not as part of my linear array and the only thing it allows me to do is to shut it down or reconfigure the disks, which would AFAIK lead to complete data loss. I put a new drive in to substitute the crashed one but that has the same result. Here's a screenshot:

How can I access my data?

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j.m., Regardng linear RAID from the SS4000 User Guide: Caution: A linear disk configuration does not offer any data protection. If you lose a hard disk, data loss occurs. A linear configuration is similar to using multiple hard disks in a regular computer. Each disk is an independent entity, and the data on it is self-contained. You can add or remove the disks without affecting the other disks. All the available disk space is used for data. If your storage system has only one disk, you must use a linear configuration. However, you can use a linear configuration for two, three, or four disks as well. Linear RAID is grouping of drives to create a larger virtual drive. In linear RAID, the data is written sequentially from one drive, to the next drive only when the first is completely filled. Linear RAID also offers no redundancy and, in fact, decreases reliability. If any one member drive fails, the entire array cannot be used. The only advantage is that the capacity is the total of all disks. Regards, John