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Intel SS4200-E Backup to an External USB disk

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I have been tasked with backing up our Intel SS4200-E NAS with the EMC firmware.

I have a 1 Terabyte External USB disc and want to backup everything that's on the NAS to it as an automatic schedule.

I have installed the Intel Entry Storage System Software and the latest firmware updates to the box.

I also installed the EMC Retrospect software that came with it.

How do I to make a full backup of the NAS to the USB device. I cant figure out how to choose the USB device as the device to backup to. It only wants to backup to a directory on the NAS called Backup.

Thanks for your help

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The EMC Retrospect software is for you to backup your hard drive to SS4200-E. I don't think it will allow you to backup to external USB drive.

For your case I think you'll need to connect the external USB drive to your client PC, and on your PC create a scheduled task to copy netwrok drive to USB drive.