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Intel SS4200-e Power button flashing blue (Newbie)


Hi everyone,

Before I start, this is my first NAS system and first experience with them. Please bear with my ignorance.

So, I bought a used Intel SS4200-e because it sounded good. I wanted at least 4 bays for 8TB totals and set them up as RAID 1.


The previous owner upgraded it to a e4500 core2 dual processor from "original Celeron set-up" (I don't even know what that is or if it's relevant) and also upgraded the ram to 2GBs.


It apparently came with Freenas on a USB that he said must stay in port one. That's all it came with though. It didn't come with the original install disk, so I searched for what I think it is and downloaded it (Intel Entry Storage System en-



I ran that but I get the error:

"Sorry. Please confirm that all cables have been properly connected, your router is working properly, and the Intel Entry Storage System device has been turned on before clicking Next again.

Click the Retry button to try again.

Click the Back button to start the install again."



I think this is because the power button is continuously flashing. I've left it on for an hour or more and it didn't stop. From what I've read, this could be because there is no operating system for the system to boot to (so, the USB is not set up correctly?).


I've tried resetting it as well but when the power button turned amber, it didn't flash, it just stayed solid and again, I left it on for an hour or more and it didn't change.

My questions are:


Should I format the USB and install WHS on it? Because from what I've read, it sounds like it'd be more user friendly for someone that is new to a NAS.


Do I have to change any setting with my router?


Do I need anything else installed on my PC?


I also use a VPN (PIA). Does that make any difference?


Thank you for any help you can offer.

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Hello Matt,



According to Technical Product Specification (TPS) the flashing blue light indicates the system is in process of booting. However, in some cases when it hangs on and does not continue to boot it is typically when previously used hard disk drives are used in the Intel® Entry Storage System SS4200-E. Thus, any previously used disk drives (HDD's) are likely to have a Master Boot Record (MBR) boot sector residing on the disk.



It is important to make sure the drives contain no data and are clean of any boot sectors. You could confirm with the drive manufacturer for utilities to remove existing data from the hard disk drives.



Please refer to for more information.



Additionally, take into consideration that there is additional support information and firmware for the Intel® Entry Storage System SS4200-E at



If you have any more questions, please let me know.



Best regards,


Caesar B.


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