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Intel VCA2 errors on finding nodes


Hi Officer:

I am new to VCA2, and I am currently facing some errors that might need some help. The "vcactl wait-Bios" command is returning "ERROR: Count ready devices failed! " and I don't know what to do. 

Some information that might be helpful: I have been using this machine without problems for a week, at that time all commands works fine. The error arises after a system crash and a reboot from rescue mode. We follow the software user guide from section 4.3 to reinstall the VCA softwares, and the uname -r successfully returns "4.14.20-". The host system is CentOS 7.9, and the version for driver is 2.3.26. I have tried to reinstall VCA softwares twice, but no good luck. 

Any suggestion is appreciated! Thanks!

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