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Just purchased Dell Inspiron Duo - Have Questions!


Hi All,

We made a deal with our kids that if they saved up enough money we would pay the difference and get them iPads for Christmas. I went out on Black Friday and bought the iPads and then found the Dell kiosk at the mall. Then I bought the Dell Inspiron Duos too! I'm planning to return the iPads but I have a couple of questions. The Inspiron Duo is a Touch Screen Netbook with a flip very cool! The kids were disappointed when they learned that their iTouch apps will not play on this device. I just found the AppUp center and it seems to me that in time it will have the same kind of selection as the Apple Apps. Is this safe to assume? Are there other sites other than the AppUp center that I should be looking at? Will these apps work with the touch screen capability of the Inspiron Duo?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer,


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I don't have any direct experience with Intel AppUp. But I wanted to mention that you may get a response more quickly if you re-post your question to the /community/appup Intel AppUp Support Community.

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