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Latest HP SmartArray Firmware and S5500HCV


The Setup:

* S5500HCV (Latest firmware/bios)

* 1 x HP P410 HBA

* 1 x HP P212 HBA

* 2 x E5504 Xeons

Recently I got some 3TB hard disks, and for the HBA's to detect them, they require firmware > version 3.66 (Which basically means you have to jump to version 5.X).

The process before 5.x firmware:

* Mobo boots, displays initial POST message

* Option ROMs are booted (The RAID card(s) initialise)

* The RAID cards pause for a couple of seconds prompting to "Press F8 to configure"

* Final POST message displays

* BIOS HDD Boot Priority is followed (and the OS starts to load)

The process after 5.x firmware:

* Mobo boots, displays initial POST message

* Option ROMs are booted, the RAID cards starts to initialise

* No prompt is displayed, blank screen is presented

* Hangs.

I've tried:

* All different firmware versions for the HBA's in between 3.66 and 5.70

* One HBA in at a time

* HBA in different PCIe slots

* BIOS settings

No luck.

The RAID cards work fine in my PC (X58).

If I choose UEFI assisted boot - the UEFI shell boots fine as no Option ROM is executed in that mode, but I then cannot boot the OS.

Can Intel release another version of BIOS with a "Disable Option ROM on PCIe Slot [X]" ?

Has anyone got any ideas with this?

I'm currently trying to port the OS over to native UEFI (But there's bugger all documentation about how).raid

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