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MFSY525: Can we mix modules?


This is just a general question, may seem dumb, but I only ask because NO WHERE have I read that it says you can or cannot do this:

We have a MFSY525 Modular Server.

My boss wanted me to find out something regarding upgrading or adding modules.

I already knew that the MFS5000SI are going to be discontinued. He said that he can get a tripack of them but he doesn't want to buy them if certian things are true or untrue.

I already answered his question that no, the memory and cpu in the MFS5000SI will not be able to used in the MFS5520VI. So now the question is this:

Can we add MFS5520VI modules to our MFSY525 chasis with the MFS5000SI modules or do we have to replace the older MFS5000SI modules with all MFS5520VI modules, ie can we mix the two or do they all have to be the same, either all MFS5000SI modules or all MFS5520VI modules?

If we can mix GREAT! If not, oh well

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Absolutely yes. You can mix different compute modules in a same chassis. Just make sure your CMM firmware is updated to support the new compute module.

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