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MFSYS25 - MFS5520VIR - Action 'Power On' failure on 'Server 4'


We inserted a new compute module into the Intel Modular Server today and when we attempted to power on the compute module, we received an insufficient power error. The IMS refuses to power on the compute module.

We have reviewed the configuration and believe it to be valid for this system.

IMS Current Firmware Build Version:

We have three power supplies inserted into the IMS and all power supplies are fully functional. There are four compute module in total inserted into the IMS. Documentation indicates that three power supplies inserted into the IMS will support all six compute modules and all other modules.

What are we doing wrong?



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Hello, Nate -

You are correct, three power supplies is enough for 4-6 compute modules, normally. If you go into the dashboard, what does it show your current power usage at? Even with all the memory populated on the other three compute modules, I would think 3000W should be enough.

I would also definitely recommend updating to 6.10 - Download Center it might have some fixes that make the new compute module work.


The Current Load reads: 401.17 watts

I thoroughly reviewed the firmware update documentation to insure there were no power-related "fixes". The fixes that are listed in the Release Notes for each update do not appear to offer a related benefit.

We ordered an additional power supply that we will be receiving tomorrow and will subsequently install. We powered off one of the other compute modules and then powered on the compute module we inserted into slot 4 and the compute module powered up and performed its firmware update. We then powered the 4th compute module off and powered back on the compute module we previously powered off. Then we tried to power on the new compute module again without success.

I suppose we will know more tomorrow evening after receiving the new power supply.

Thanks for responding and if you have any other thought as to why this might be occurring, we welcome your input.


We received the power supply and successfully installed the device in the IMS. After the hardware installation was complete, the IMS permitted the 4th compute module to be powered on and now the operating system is installing as I write this message. It appears that the documentation provided by Intel is inaccurate which makes me wonder what will happen if we decide to inset an additional compute module into the IMS at a future date.