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MFSYS35 - Recovering two drives initially marked "Stale Condition"...



I have an MFSYS35 system with a six drive RAID 5 storage array as part of one pool. Initially, one drive failed in this storage pool and after reinserting a new drive the system would never completely rebuild the drive (initially the drive was stuck at 4% rebuilding for days) and so, I replaced THAT drive with another drive.

At that point, the system never got past 0% for rebuilding the drive and just stood there. After contacting Intel support, they recommended restarting the complete chassis so, after shutting down all of the compute modules I powered off and restarted the chassis. Before doing so, I made sure that the drive that wasn't rebuilding was not in the system.

When the chassis started back up again ALL of the drives were marked in this "Recover Stale Condition" marker. I then took out and reinserted all of the drives and drives # 1-3 came back normally.

However, drives # 5-6 failed to return to normal. They still had the same error condition.

After taking out and reinserting the drives # 5-6 over and over again (waiting a few minutes to do so) the "Stale Condition" marker never left and the drives never returned to normal. So I perfomed the operation and now drives # 5-6 sit as marked "UNUSED" drives.

So, to recap:

Drives # 1-3: OK

Drive # 4: Blank Drive

Drives # 5-6: Marked "UNUSED".

What can I do to get drives # 5-6 to be recognized in the pool, so that I can finally rebuild the system?

Thank you for your time.



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I would recommend not trying to keep using those two drives, since they didn't automatically come back.

If you check the physical drive status in the GUI, does it show the model number and firmware revision?

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