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Meaning of different suffix for S5520 boards


Could someone tell me what the different suffix mean for the S5520 boards. I see S5520UR and then I see S5520HC and S5520HCT. The boards are the same but the S5520HC and S5520HCT seem to be pedestal optimized rather than rack optimized like the S5520UR. Is there any other difference? I looked for some kind of chart on the Intel site that would show the differences but I couldn't find anything. - Tom

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S5520HC and S5520UR are two different products, and you may already have noticed that S5520HC is for pedestal system, while S5520UR is for 1U or 2U rack mount system.

S5520HC, S5520HCR and S5520HCT all belongs to the S5520HC product family. Here "R" means Refresh (suppoting 45nm Seon 5600 Series processors out of factory, although the non-refresh SKU can support it too after a BIOS upodate), while "T" means TPM support. For details, please see Server board SKUs comparison and Intel® Xeon® Processors 5600 Series and Intel® Server Board compatibility

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