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My 4500mhd poorly made?

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hi i just got my new laptop 2.2ghz intel c2d intel 4500mhd and 3 gig ddr3 ram i see people with the same specs running street fighter IV and getting 45fps VS me whos getting 25.fps. another example is resident evil 5 which im getting artifacts and 9-14fps when other people gets 25-30fps and no artifcats.

so is my chipset screwed up? i can still take this laptop back fi somone replys asap to get a new one

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If you don't get much response from the Server community, you can also try the Graphics and Chipset community over at

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im trying to collect enough info to see if its the cards and not windows 7 itself limiting frames on peoples laptops/pc's i had vista not to long ago and i got a max of 102 frames per second with my 4500MHD it ran soo smooth until i upgraded to windows 7 now it barely hits 4 in games and dosent go over 30 in video its also causeing browseing issues and download lag network problems and such