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My WiFi Technology Functionality in Windows 8 RTM


Hello there people. I would want to know if you guys got to make all Intel MWT functions you knew you had [from Windows 7/lower] running again after an upgrade/clean-install of Windows 8.

I'm talking about WiFi Direct, the HotSpot functionality, and maybe WiDi.

I have been reading around the net, and so far, I keep seeing that the HotSpot capability and the WiFi Direct capability seems lost upon going to Windows 8, even when using the latest and greatest of Intel's Centrino Wireless [and WiMAX] drivers, even though they are seemingly working A-OK under Windows 7.

I'm running a laptop with an Intel Centrino Advanced-N + WiMAX 6250 AGN.

What I did:

* Wipe hard drive

* Install the operating system

* Install requisite drivers


* Try out MWT (in this case, the HotSpot functionality)

So to flesh it out,

* Windows 7: so far, all stuff runs as intended. (control case) By just getting the requisite software pack that includes Intel software other than the drivers, everything seemingly works as intended.

* Windows 8: no errors encountered on installation, makes sure that MWT section of installation program is active, but upon completion of installation, the system tray icon governing say, the HotSpot functionality does not exist. Repair/Reinstall/Remove/Redownload/Repeat cycles done, to no avail.

* Windows 8, with Windows 7-and-below-compatible drivers: Forced compatibility will make them install. Common entry point for MWT program functions on system tray exists, but function will never work.

* Server 2012: On a whim, I tried it on Server 2012. Same result as in Windows 8: the drivers install, the laptop gets to access the Internet, but no dice on MWT.

Are parts of MWT not supported in any Windows higher than 7? Even if the details on the Download Center say so otherwise?

Should I just go quit trying and just use Connectify PRO? Or maybe I should return to Windows 7 if this function is important to me and/or the others?

Any friendly hints, ladies and gentlemen? I might be doing things wrong, please do try and point me somewhere useful.

Thank you very much.

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Thank you for post,

for all the functions to work (and install) on the Intel(R) My WiFi Technology, you would need to make sure you download the same versions, and that you install the drivers+ software package,

to get the full driver+software package you would download the wireless_15.5.6_e32.exe if your Windows 8 is 32 bit, or the wireless_15.5.6_e64.exe if your Windows 8 is 64bit, both from the link below: Download Center

And the My WiFi Dashboard from this link: Download Center


With this you would have both software under the same 15.5.6 version.


It would be recommended to uninstall the other versions, so the actual wireless adapter from device manager (just the wireless portion, you may leave the WiMAX installed) and the Intel(R) PROSet wireless WiFi Software from control panel/uninstall a program. This to ensure that you do not have some Windows base drivers or similar installed that would be just updated.


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Hello there, Nathalie.

I have tried the steps you outlined, and redownloaded the versions of the files you have specified.

Unfortunately there's no joy. And I clean-installed this machine yet again to remove all variables.

Freshly installed Windows 8 x64, plus those two driver packs you outlined. Nothing related to Intel MWT WiFi sharing is exposed.

Which is unlike in Windows 7 x64, I don't even need to install the 100+ MiB download for the Intel MWD.

Only wireless_xx.x.x_e64.exe is needed, if at all. The Utility shows up on the system tray, and everything proceeds as intended.

On the MWD, options supposedly on the right side are missing...

Anything else I could try? Or I'm unfortunately at the end of my rope?

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I guess this means I'm SOL [Sorry Out of Luck]?

Maybe I should return to Windows 7 first until this issue is properly resolved.

Anyway, if there's anything I might have to try please get back to me here in this thread.

Thank you very much!

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I was looking around in the Internet, and I found this page.

Excerpt of that page listed below:

Software not included in upgrade modules for Windows 8

The upgrade modules for Windows 8 do not include the following software.

*Due to the functional restriction, the sound through HDMI is not emitted.

Software nonusable in Windows 8

Software name Remarks Intel My WiFi Technology, and Intel My WiFi Utility If needed, please do not upgrade to Windows 8.

May I ask if this is really so? If yes, then I guess I really am SOL when it comes to using MWT's WiFi Hotspot functionality in Windows 8?


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Hello there, people!

If after the prescribed steps as listed above, things do not seem to work still, and if they were followed to the letter, what else could be done?

Do you need more information from me? Apart from what has been listed at the first post?

Please advise.

Thank you~

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roilorelai wrote:

A similar problem

Windows 8 x64


Intel Centrino Wireless-N 100



sharing does not work


android connection with laptop work


transfer files via FTP android to laptop work
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i m having the same issue and having surfed most of the intel website and forum, i can see everyone here has issues with wifi direct and win8 and all intel is doing is sending nathalie and victor (apprenctices?) around telling people to install latest driver and software. I mean do they think we haven't tried. P*** poor performance intel! just update the freaking driver and software come on!

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