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NIC Teaming and choosing activ NIC based on pinging remote server.



I have tried to configure the on board dual Intel NICs to act in a spesific way as a redundant communication link. We have two separate networks which of each network card is connected to. Network one includs an fiber optical link to a remote network where our remote server is located. Network two also links to the remote server, but over a much slower link. I am able to use the NICs in teamed and prioritized load balanced mode which is closest to what I want. This is not solving my problem since all the four LANs is connected to the remote links via routers. It seems like the redundancy in the Teamed NICs only reaches the nearest router. If the primary link has an IP address and is talking to the nearest router it is no way of changing over to the second link if no traffic is reaching the remote server.

I am looking for a solution that chooses the NIC (Network) based on the results of regularly pinging the remote server. Is this available from Intel, or else where? I want the primary network to be the only activ network as long as the remote server is pingable on this network.

Hope some one has some info for me that gan lead me to a solution on this problem.



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