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Need help in selecting the right Xeon Processor



Need some guidance in selecting the right Xeon Processor.

We need a server for developing mobile applications. We do not really plan to deploy this machine as a web server or have any mail or database applications.

My question is : WHich would be the right processor and mobo to purchase?

Would the Xeon 3360 suffice or should we consider the 54xx series.

A factor to consider is possible change of use some time in the future and obsolescence.

Any help and pointers will be helpful



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It depends on your development timeline and intended future use.

In reading your post I have the impression you are looking to the future and think the 54xx series may be better positioned for your need. Again, in the end the decision is up to you based on need, budget, development timeline, etc.

As to the FSB of 1333MHz vs. 1600MHz and power consumption issues you may require, here is a link that may help in making the decision . It shows criteria such as processor number, architecture, cache, etc.

With respect to server boards, the link s1=Intel%AE%20Server%20Board&s2=all&s3=all s1=Intel%AE%20Server%20Board&s2=all&s3=all may be helpful in making the decision. It shows form factor, socket, memory and processor support. You may click on the board number (left hand column) for more information about a specific board in question.

I hope this has been helpful.


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