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Need suggestions

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I use Solidworks 2009, AnSYS fea software, mathlab, Pro Engineer, Surfcam and Mastercam and 3dsmax, and Maya. I want a dual processor slot board with min 16 gigs ram and want to run windows XP. Is 64 bit backward compatible with 32 bit software? Can I run 32 bit software on a 64 bit system?

I also need for 2 idential sli enabled pci express slot for my dual Quadro FX3700 sli linked cards I have. I would also at a later time like to use the Tesla card and the PCI card from Texas Memory Systems RamSan-20 card. I also need this board to support solid state hd's.

Which mb from Intel would work?

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Yes, most 32-bit software runs fine on 64-bit. I would personally avoid XP 64-bit though, less driver support and such. Vista x64 is much better, even go Win7/Server2008-R2 is great.

I would recommend a Xeon 5500 series board like