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Need your help to identify whether or not the computer system support virtualization.

Dear Intel Support,

Actually the computer system with D945GCCR motherboard and Intel Pentium 935 SL9QR 3.20GHZ CPU I bought 6 years ago can create Virtual Machine under VirtualBox and MS Virtual PC. I created many VMs under this machine in the past. But this is just the software level virtualization, not the hardware level. In the BIOS, there is no option to enable virtualization.

Another computer system I bought 5 years ago, with "ASUS P5K SE" motherboard and "Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6750 2.66GHz", support virtualization in the hardware level. In the BIOS, there is a VT option for enable/disable virtualization. To set up a private Cloud Computing environment, I installed OpenNebula, KVM, qemu, libvirt, virt-manager etc in this physical machine. When enable virtualization in BIOS, can start the virtual machines controlled by KVM, qemu and libvirt, when disable virtualization in BIOS, can not start VMs.

The virtualization we have been discussing about is the one in the "ASUS P5K SE" scenario, correct? The "ASUS P5K SE" motherboard, "Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6750 2.66GHz" and enabling software etc do support hardware virtualization, but I don't know whether or not the other parts, e.g. chipset, RAM, network cards etc support virtualization. Can we say the whole ASUS P5K SE computer system support virtualization?

I bought this ASUS P5K SE computer system in 5 years ago and aimed to use it as a server (and I did run it 24 x 7 everyday for the latest 1.5 years and it still works well now), but didn't aim to use it virtualization feature and didn't realize it can support virtualization either. Just recent few months used it to setup a Cloud Computing environment and notice it support hardware virtualization, apart from supporting software level virtualization. I will be very surprised I bought a computer system in 5 years ago (sounds economical), which support the hardware virtualization.

Please help to confirm this.

To have another computer system supporting hardware virtualization for Cloud Computing setup, I decide to buy one from a local computer store.

I found one " PB 1417 Upgrade Box intel Pentium Dual core G2020 2.9Ghz , 4GB DDR3 Ram , 500GB HDD,DVDRW,Cooler master quality case ( NO Windows Included )", from The motherboard and CPU both support virtualization, but I don't know whether or not the other parts, e.g. chipset etc, support virtualization. I asked the technical support staff there, but they don't know, so I need to ask the Intel experts to help on this.


Thank you very much for your help to answer my questions today. It is much appreciated if you have help with the above.

Best regards,


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Although we can offer advice on the Intel components, only Asus would be able to tell you if the rest of the hardware also supports virtualization.

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