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Network Teaming on Intel PRO/1000 Nics problem with performance


Hallo, I have problem with performance on Intel Nics in network temaing. Team is 802.3ad type, switch is capable of this type of temaing ( Linksys 48port full gigabit ), and network bandwith is poor. I try it with and without the rest of our lan ( only one pc, one switch, server and three patch cables ). I try another type of teaming and it is the same. With broadcom chipset it work good ( trnsfer rate 60 -120 GB/s ). Whats the problem ?

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I cannot tell exactly why you are not getting the performance you expect. Here are a few references and ideas that might help.

  1. Check the "Teaming Notes" section of the release notes to see if any of the notes or known issues applies to your team.
  2. Make sure you install the latest version of drivers and software. You can find the latest at Drivers and software for Intel® Gigabit and PRO/1000 Network Adapters.
  3. Make sure the switch has the latest firmware.
  4. You might also make sure the firmware is up-to-date on your motherboard because that can sometimes affect the network connections.
  5. If the team includes an Ethernet connection on the motherboard, try using only add-in adapters in the team to see if that helps.
  6. See the last two sections of Network adapter throughput performance considerations on teaming and performance testing.
  7. The User Guide has some information on teaming and troubleshooting.
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