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No boot after Reset, because Boot Options change on S2600CP


I have two Hyper-V cluster nodes (Windows 2019 Server Datacenter) based on S2600CP Intel main boards. Both are equipped with 2x Xeon E5-2640 v2 @ 2.00 GHz and 256GB RAM (16 Slots used). Both Boards are using BIOS Version SE5C600.86B.02.06.0007.082420181029.

Node 1 shows an unusual behavior: Every time I reboot this node (after Patchday), it does not find the boot device.

In the BIOS Boot Options I then see the following:

  1. Boot option #1 is "Intel Volume0"
  2. The "Windows Boot Manager" is at Boot option #5
  3. There are MANY Boot options with "Windows Boot Manager" from #5 up to #276

If I select "Windows Boot Manager" for Boot option #1 and press "F10" to save and reset, the node still does not boot. If I then go again into BIOS Boot Options, again "Intel Volume0" is at #1...

Only if I select "Windows Boot Manager" and select "Save and exit" (without reset), the system boots Windows.

The mainboard of Node 1 was already changed, but the boot problem is still there.

  • Is there a known issue in this BIOS that kicks out "Windows Boot Manager" from the top of Boot Options?
  • How can I prevent that "Windows Boot Manager" is moved from Boot option #1?
  • Why do I have >270 entries in the Boot Options for "Windows Boot Manager"?

We also enabled the "Static Boot Order" option yesterday. However, without success.

Unintentionally, Node 2 was installed a little bit different, without the "Windows Boot Manager". Here the Boot Option#1 "Intel Volume0" boots windows and the Boot Options list only contains 3 entries, not >270.




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