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Older Intel SE7501BR2 Server Board & Will It Work With Ubuntu Server?


Hello Intel community. Looking for someone smarter than I willling to provide a little guidance in sharing their Intel server motherboard knowledge. Please give me all the good or bad.

I'm goaling for my very first dedicated self web hosting server. I want to use a (brand new in box) but yet older model Intel SE7501BR2 Server Board to start this project. Just a little information about me---> I have built 4 intel based computers with 100% success but never a server system before.

This SE7501BR2 Server Board board looks sophisticated enough for the job but my main concern is this server motherboard dates back form Intel's year 2002 -2004 era; before Ubuntu Server was widely used or existed I believe. This leaves me very unsure to even attempt installing Ubuntu Server on this particular board. I'm trying to avoid having to use Windows Server 2003 or any of the older server OS at all costs if that is possible.

Any information that anyone can provide would greatly be appreciated. The Intel SE7501BR2 Server Board was originally designed for Windows 2000-2003/NT and some of the other earlier Unix, Redhat Linux server OS versions during the 2002-04 period according to documentation.

If Ubuntu Server can't be installed on this board I would be left to use any of those much earlier versions server OS in the documentation and hoping someone here can verify there is either hope for me or no hope with my desire installing Ubuntu Server on the Intel SE7501BR2 Server Board .

Here are 2 quick accessible support links for this board if it will possibly help anyone find particular information or updates that would be unrealized by me to make this server board campatible with Ubuntu Server OS.

* Listed all original compatible Intel SE7501BR2 server board OS:---->

* Intel SE7501BR2 server board support (all updates up to present day) ---->

I do hope to here from someone soon and thanks to all who have read my post. I can be reached directly as well at

Thank you..


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Remember that Ubunutu is based on Debian, which has been around for a while. Why not just install it and see if it works?

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