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Only 4 of 6 drive LEDs working on SR2500

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I have an Intel SR2500 server platform, the RAID controller is SRCSATAWB. The server also has the 6th drive kit installed.

The RAID controller is configured with 6 hard disks, of which 1 hard is presented to the OS as-is, and the other 5 are configured in an RAID5 array.

I am just wondering why it is that, after creating the RAID 5 array, during the background init the LEDs of only 3 of the 5 disks in the RAID5 array are solid green? The RAID controller shows the status of all 6 drives as being healthy and happy.

Also, if I copy the contents of a CD, 600 MB, to that RAID5 drive, it is the same thing, only 3 of the 5 drives LEDs light solid green during the copy.

Can anyone explain this behavior, as on my other servers the LEDs of all the drives that are configured in a RAID5 array are solid green during background init.

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When I initially observed this weird phenomenon, the 3-pin I2C cable actually wasn't installed (meaning I would never have had failure or locate lights). Then after reading some of the docs online I did install the cable - correctly I hope between HBCONN and J6. This didn't resolve the issue though.

I'm still perplexed because, as I mentioned, on other SR2500 servers I have with identical firmware, all the LEDs in a given array light up like an xmas tree when there's access to it, so it's strange to me that only 3 of the 5 LEDs are lit during the background init or large access.

My next step, once the array has finished its background init is to firstly shut the machine down and check if J5 LED Signal Support connector is properly seated and secondly to upgrade the controller firmware. It looks quite old - from 1.2.72-0562 to the latest 1.4.92-0746.I'll report back if that helped.


I don't see anything in the Technical Advisories about that, so updating backplane firmware is your best bet.

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I updated the raid controller firmware and the hotswap backplane controller firmware. No effect - three drives have lights that work, two don't. Still, the raid controller is reporting that all the disks and volumes are happy, so I just have to accept that and leave it alone.