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P4304XXSHCN with S1200V3RPL chassis fan speed


Does anyone have any information about thermal management of the following combination.

New P4304XXSHCN chassis with S1200V3RPL board and E3-1241v3 cpu with stock cooler.

Firmware updated to 02.02.0005

Machine power cycled.


The following issues are being experienced

  • Chassis fan speed/ noise about twice that of comparable HP or DELL machines
  • At a chassis fan speed of about 4400 RPM and above the air flow through the power supply is first stalled then reversed!
  • Aggregate Thermal Margin 1 reports values above what is reported to be CT (0 degrees C)


The following table list thermal information from the web console, Front Panel Temp = ambient temp


Front Panel Temp25262830323336PCH Temp43464852535452Sys Fan2040238227603528374440084416CPU fan936948936936936996948P1 Therm Margin-69-67-46-28-23-23-59DIMM Therm Margin 1-57-56-55-44-41-41-48BB EDGE Temp27292933363636BB BMC Temp31323437394040BB CPU VR Temp30313232494839HSBP Temp28283032353638Agg Thrm Mgn 1124791010

Any information great fully accepted

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While the BIOS is the latest ( 02.02.0005), alright, the fact the chassis fan speed is still noisy may indicate any of the following:

1. The firmware on the board is either not updated, yet, or its update did not go quite well. Hence, please, proceed as follows:

1.1. Clear the System Event Log and load up the BIOS default settings:

1.1.1. Boot into BIOS.

1.1.2. Once in BIOS, hit the F9 key to load up the BIOS default settings.

1.1.3. Go into the Server Management tab and enable the "Clear System Event Log" option.

Note: Reset any customized BIOS settings before continuing.

1.1.4. Hit the F10 to save the changes and exit.

2. See to it that the chassis lid is properly closed.

3. Ensure the firmware is up to date, as well, in accordance with the 02.02.0005 BIOS version:

You can verify this from within the "Server Management/System Information" BIOS section.

Please, find the latest BIOS/firmware package here should you need to re-run it.


Thanks Salem,

The steps that you suggested have already been actioned

The firmware components are being reported as listed in your reply in the BIOS screen, the Web console and sysinfo_log.txt.

The chassis is closed and the intrusion switch has been confirmed to be working.

I make the following observations based on the limited data (I'm trying to get a system out to a client, not perform thermal testing) and information (Intel don't supply much about thermal management at this level ie sdr file) I have.

  • Fan speed is just directly linked to the fount panel temperature by way of the following

CPU domain 0 Stepwise Curve ID 1A

Chassis domain 1 Stepwise Curve ID 1C

  • Exit air temperature is not measured. There seams to be no exit air temp sensor (2E) on the board!
  • Agg Thrm Mgn 1

Uses sensor 2E

Generates what looks like erroneous data

Don't appear to be used in temp control

  • Significant changes have occurred in the thermal management through the development of the boards firmware.


My conclusion which I freely admit could be wrong is :- The sdr file (1200RP.sdr) included in firmware 02.02.0005 is of the "get you home" type with limited function and conservative settings.

I'm trying to work out what is my next step. Information would be nice though.

Again thanks for you reply Salem.

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If you have already followed the previous suggestions, yet the Sys Fan keeps increasing its RPMs, and you have reseated the chassis fan(s), I'd then suggest contacting our Support Team with the Intel System Information Retrieval Utility logs (click here) for diagnostics.

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Again thanks Salem for your reply,

Have already logged a ticket, but making little progress or just slow going. No criticism or complaints of the first level support staff intended, but it would be nice to be dealing at a level above "is the case closed".

I had planed to have this machine in before Christmas, which is not going to happen.

I need to at least have a clear understanding of whats happening, if not a final resolution before installing this machine 600km away in an environment where the ambient temperature will be over 25C for a good part of the year with periods in the high 30's.

I came to the community to see if I could get an answer here.

If I can get information on sdr file configuration I can then either confirm or reject my thinking that there is a problem in the boards sdr file, either by mistake or intended. (If there is an issue it would nice to be told.)

If it as intended I can use the information to produce a custom configuration (to go with replacing the a PS fan with a unit of higher volume).

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I checked on the BIOS/firmware release notes, again, but there is no indication of the/any "board's sdr file" having a problem. The logs generated by the Intel System Information Retrieval Utility previously suggested should show where the cause may be. For the reviewing of these log files, please, check with our Support Team.

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