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PCIE 1X SATA card not recognized in any slot

I am trying to add a 2 port SATA card (1 internal + 1 eSATA port). It uses a Sil3132 chip. When I boot the S1200BTL with this card in any of the pcie slots (I have tried them all) it is just ignored (BIOS firmware on card not entered and card not seen by the OS)

I have installed the latest v.28 firmware on the mb but still no joy.

I plugged this into a pcie 1x slot on another mb and it comes up fine so I don't think its the card.

Any suggestions?

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Re: PCIE 1X SATA card not recognized in any slot

The card may be fully functional, just not compatible. Check it against the list at - if it's not on that list, it's not going to perform reliably.

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