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PROSet gone after installing driver PRO2KXP v13.1.2 (Aug 13, 2008)

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My ultimate goal is to team the 2 PRO/1000 MT adapters. Unfortunately, updating the driver from 2004 to 2007, the PROSet application is lost.

Hardware: Dell PowerEdge 2850 with 2 Intel PRO/1000 MT server adapters.

OS and PRO/1000 MT driver: Dell supplied Windows Server 2003 R2, Intel PRO/1000 MT v8.4.21.0 (2004 - latest update from Dell support.)

Here's how I updated:

(1) Unpacked the downloaded <code>PRO2KXP_v13_1_2.exe /s /e /f to a folder</code>

(1) Updated from Device Manager. PROSet nowhere to be found. No Advanced or PROSet tab in Device Manager. So,

(2) From Device Manager, removed the latest driver. I did not roll back. I uninstalled. then re-booted. Upon re-boot the 2004 driver returned!

(3) In Add/Remove programs, I removed (a) Intel PRO Network Connections Drivers and (b) Intel PROSet for Wired Connections Upon re-boot the 2004 driver returned!

(4) This time I unstalled the 2004 driver from Device Manager, removed the Intel PRO Network Connections Drivers from Add/Remove programs, then ran DxSetup from the \APPS\PROSETDX\Win32 directory. It appears ANS and PROSet were installed but there is no Advanced or PROSet tabs in Device Manager adapter properties.

What to do?

Thanks, Harry

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I have exactly the same problem. Help anyone?

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First - check with DELL for any driver or proset later than the 2004 version. (We're 2009 already!)


If DELL didn't have newer versions, check out this site:


for Windows 2003 R2, my best bet would be PROXP.exe (Ver:14.3 Date:7/27/2009).


hope this helps!

For anyone upgrading from an early version of Intel® PROSet to a more recent version for your Ethernet connection, you might think that PROSet has disappeared. The early versions of Intel® PROSet ran as an application. More recent versions are integrated into Windows device manager and show up as tabs when you view your device properties.

Reference: Where is Intel® PROSet and what is it?