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Problem Intel Vernonia S5000XVN + MSI GTX 750


Just installed new graphic card to my worksation on s5000xvm, i repleced my old radeon 6450 hd with geforce MSI gtx 750 3gbddr5, the problem looks like that - after installation of new card i start a workstation i got bios beep - sounds ok, but no signal on monitor, then i got windows startup sound so it still sound ok but still no signal on display monitor, so it looks like whole worstation is working fine just a gpu gives no signal using d sub, ive chcecked my PCIE slot - it looks clean, whole mainboard looks ok - no dirt, no burnings, no sign of any damage, after i put back my old radeon ( on the same PCIE slot that didnt work with new card, same monitor, same cable ) everything works fine ( im just using it so it really works fine) so i guess PCI slot is ok, and also workstatnion i in use for like 12h every day - 3ds max, internet browsing, some gameing even - totally no problems - starts fine, no hang ups, no crashes, no problems with high temperatures i really keep it in good condition, and ofcourse when i put new card in ive clean pcie with air duster just in case - my full configuration looks like that :

Intel Vernonia S5000XVN

2x quad core Xeon e 5420

12 gb Fb dimm ( 6x2gb ddr 2)

2x hdd

power supply - delta electronics 670W

monitor - Acer V196hql

im using vga(dsub) cable

old graphic card - ati radeon hd 6450 - works fine

new graphic card - hero-overview MSI Global N750-2GD5/OC - totally no signal, with workstation sounds like working correctly ( sound of windows startup )

bios - 03/26/07

Any ideas>>>?i really really really wanna new gpu

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This is definitely not an issue with the Intel® Graphics Controller so perhaps our Server Folks can help us with this so let me move your post to the Server Community.

Kevin M


I was checking our hardware validation list and I was unable to find this newer video card listed. Have you tested the 750 card in another system to make sure it is functional?

I would also suggest updating the BIOS to the most recent release BIOS 98. You might as well want to disable some of the unused onboard solutions such as serial ports, onboard RAID, audio for testing purposes to free up resources in the BIOS.


@ Jacek

Make sure you uninstall the drivers for the Radeon 6450 HD befor removing it from the system. Then remove it and install the new graphics adapter.




i get no display at startup, even at bios start so graphic drivers in windows got nothing to do with it, so far im waiting for new powet supply - old one got 670 watts but its poor quality, possibly 12v line is not secure and efficient for 2x CPU 8x2gb fbb dimms and rest of MB (drives, vents, etc. ), old graphic card has power consumption about 30 watts so it works fine, new one is powered only by pcie slot, and need about 55-60watts, pcie supplies up to 75w but with my old PSU its not giving enough power, so gtx 750 cant initialize correctly possibly thats why im not getting signal on dsub, it makes sense specialy when you consider that modern high efficient Gpu's are very vulnerable for power supply problems. so thats my idea so far - i should get brand new nice quality PSU about friday so then we wills see if its correct