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Problem adding Hyper-V role in Windows Server 2008 on Intel SR2520SAXR



I am having a bit of a problem configuring my server to run Hyper-V on Windows Server Enterprise 2008. I have made a clean install on the server, enabled DEP from BIOS and it still doesn't work. The system specifications state that hardware virtualization is possible with this hardware, but I can't see what I'm overlooking. Is there anything I should do or is there a BIOS upgrade required?

I also have trouble installing the Intel System Management Software utilities that came with the server. Although the installation completes successfully (and the fan speed suddenly decreases), after restarting the system the fan runs normally until Windows boots, gradually decreasing in speed and by the time the login screen appears, the fan almost comes to a halt and the server goes into an error mode (the front panel status led flashes and turns amber). The system still boots, but an error message appears saying that the SNMP service has stopped. Restarting the service leads to a system crash (blue screen). Also, on restart, the status led turns is amber also, but it stops flashing, and the server speaker beeps three or four times. It then continues the process described previously.

Thank you for your help and I am looking forward to your response.

Best regards,

Stefan Boronea

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