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Problem with SC5299BRP & S5000VSA


I have the aforementioned Intel server chassis and board. I have 8gb of ram and two 1TB hard drives. All that could be Intel is Intel.

After a power failure the system would not complete booting process. It will post almost to the end but just before finishing the booting process the system goes dead. The monitor fails, the USB ports do not get power,all fans stop,and the system appears to be asleep. The green system light on the front of the case remains a constant green. It is as if the system does not have enough power and shuts down. The power supply green light remains green and the power supply fan continues to run. But nothing else is on or appears to be on. Winows never gets a chance to load. The system shuts down before it loads.

I checked the hard drives with an external case and both work perfectly.

I replaced the motherboard with the same board. I get the same result. I used the old RAM and processors.

The unit was plugged into a surge protector. We had a thunder storm and my power went out. When the power returned, the system would not boot. It normally powers up automatically after a power outage. I suspect it experienced a surge. My laptop was also plugged into the surge protector and it survived intact and functional.

I few months ago both of my Seagate hard drives fried simultaneously. Neither could be recovered. I have no idea why both drives failed at the same time, perhaps heat? After I replaced the hard drives with Western Digital drives the system worked perfectly until the storm and shut down.

Could it be RAM? The processors? Or the power supply? Any way to test these components?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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If you press F2 for BIOS set-up, will it go into setup?

Does it stay on in set-up?

if so MB, PS, CPU & memory are likly OK. OS may be corrupted.

What OS?

Windows? Try press F5 for safe boot during POSt and see if ti completes.


I apologize for my tardy reply. I was having problems logging in.

Now the server will not post. The fans start and operate for a bit and then the system shuts down. All of the lights are a constant green.

I put in a new motherboard. I put in the old RAM and processors. The same thing happened-that is nothing happened. I think I will go to CompUSA and get another power supply and use it to power up the server. It won't be a permanent solution, but it will allow me to diagnose the problem If the new power supply allows the system to boot, I will bite the bullet buy a new chassis or just a new power supply. What do you think? Will I be able to power the system with a normal ATX power supply?

I hate to throw too much money at this old server, but I do need to get it working. It is my file server.

Thank you in advance for your help.