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Problem with replace LSIiBBU01 on RAID Controller SRCS28X

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Good day!

I have Intel RAID Controller SRCS28X with on-board battery LSIiBBU01.

RAID controller firmware version - 815E.


Battery is bad after 1year.


I buy new battery LSIiBBU01 (LiON) and replace old battery.I boot system.

During this time, I see bios of controller don't loading and raid controller don't present in system after reboot.

I remove battery from controller and boot system without battery. Bios of controller upload and RAID controller present in system normally.

With new battery on board - controller don't defined in system.

Battery is good, I testing it with different RAID Controller (LSI SAS 8308ELP).

What can I do for installing new battery on RAID Controller SRCS28X ?

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Any reaction yet?

I'm having the same problem: BBU is useless, controller doesn't work with BBU. After removing the BBU controller works perfectly. I'm also using firmware 815E.

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I just installed AXXRIBBU01 on a SRCS28X Controller.

As soon as the batterypack is installed the controller won't POST anymore so there is no more Raidcontroller seen by the BIOS.

When I remove the pack it works.

Raidcontroller Bios is 815E .. is this a known problem or just a defective BBU ?