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Question Controller Intel RS2SG244 not lit LEDs in case of failures


I recently purchased an Intel RAID controller LEDs RS2SG244 and called the office of the controller jumpers (jumpers J1B1, J4A4 and J4A5). The manual says that it is only to connect the LEDs in jumpers that in case of failure of a hard disk referring to the LED in question kindled. This does not happen to me. Does anyone else use these controllers? They managed to run the LED indicators for disk problems?

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Hi Leandro,

Below is description of jumpers J1B1, J4A4 and J4A5 In RS2SG244 hardware user guide @


2x8-pin connector. Connects to an LED that indicates whether a drive is in a fault condition. There is one LED per port. When lit, each LED indicates the corresponding drive has failed or is in the unconfigured-bad state.

The LEDs function in a direct-attach configuration (there are no SAS expanders). Direct attach is defined as a maximum of one drive connected directly to each port.


These jumpers are only used with 3rd party chassis WITHOUT Intel SAS expanders. You need prepare 24 LEDs, each LED with 2-pin. Then you can plug each LED's 2 pins to corresponding 2 pins of 2x8-pin connector of 3 jumpers.

To support fault LED with Intel SAS expander installed, you can use SAS in-band SGP feature with SAS expander backplane or connect J1C1 (SES connector) to the SES header of non-expander backplane. For details, please refer to the cabling guide @



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