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Question about Atom C2558 design

Hello, this is the person who uses Intel Atom C2558 processor as the main processor in our system.

now I have simple question about reference design guide.

In the Intel's reference design which is Mohon Peak Board schematic, I could find the XDP socket(refers to 526611-mohon-peak-crb-a3-20130311b.pdf , page 19) for the purpose of debugging.

But in my case we already finished the debugging for this board. so that can we eliminate XDP parts without any side effect?

Please let me know.



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Re: Question about Atom C2558 design

Hello shinesam,

Thank you for your contacting us, I understand that you need to inquire into the design of our Intel Atom® C2558

In this case, you will need to register yourself and create a new ticket through our Developing Zone:

Through that path of support, one of our community peers will be able to answer your question.

Best Regards,

Diego S.

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